2019-2020 Neighborhood Representatives

Neighborhood D

Coleen Coles
Cell: (334) 430-7777

Email:  cpcoles48@gmail.com

Neighborhood F

Contact the Information Center

(334) 272-3200

Email: TheAssembly@TheWatersAL.com

Neighborhood A

Barbara Fitzgerald

Cell: (334) 315-2956
Email: giftoflovebasket@aol.com

Neighborhood B

Dale Entrekin 
Cell: (334) 303-1640
Email: rdentrekin@gmail.com 

Neighborhood G

Jessica Carson

Cell: (404) 202-0741

Email: jessicaltyrell@gmail.com

The Neighborhood Representatives serve as a liaison between the Members of the Association in their neighborhoods and the Officers and Directors of the Association.  If you have any questions, concerns or ideas about your neighborhood, please contact your Neighborhood Representative via email or telephone.

Neighborhood E

Scott Tatum

​Cell: (334) 322-1810

Email​: 147scott.t@gmail.com

Neighborhood C

Mike Hughes

​Cell: (334) 549-1390
Email: mkslhughes@gmail.com