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Important Announcements

The Waters 

CALL: 334-277-5551


Dues are Due: 3rd Quarter 2020 HOA Dues were due by July 15th and are now considered LATE. You may pay by check, online invoice or credit card payment. Please contact The Waters Assembly at 334.277.5551 for additional information regarding payment options.

Street Repairs: Please pardon our progress. Weather permitting, there will be road repairs for the next few weeks. Signage will be posted in the event traffic needs to be redirected. 

Tennis Court Repairs: The HOA team is working with the insurance carrier and the appropriate contractors regarding the tennis court repairs and will let neighbors know when the top two courts are open again. The court damage is a result of a storm.

Pool Reminders:  In an effort to support the required social distancing, the pool deck chairs must be placed 6' apart. According to the ADPH, all non-family members must keep a 6' distance at all times in and around the pools. If you use a Waters amenity, please bring sanitize wipes and clean the equipment before and after each use.

Access to the pool area is by use of Resident Card only.
Do not open the gates for anyone.
All guests MUST be accompanied by a Member age 14 or older.
Members may have no more than 4 guests per household at any one time. 

Pool Hours:  Lucas Point Pool; 7 am - 9 pm (daily)

                          Blue Heron Pool Club:  8 am - 9 pm (daily)  

Construction Areas: Please do not allow children to play in construction areas. This is for their own safety.

Jumping from Bridges:  Please advise all members of your family and your guests that there is no swimming in the lakes and that jumping from the bridge is not allowed and is extremely dangerous. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How to use a Roundabout: As you approach a roundabout there will be a YIELD sign. 

  • Slow down. 
  • Yield to vehicles already in the roundabout. 

  • When traffic is clear, merge to the right. 

  • Continue through the roundabout until you reach your exit point. 

  • Avoid stopping in a roundabout. 


No Gas Motors: Use of any gas-powered golf cart, ATV or boat motor is strictly prohibited at The Waters. All golf carts must be electric. All boats used in the lake must use a trolling motor. All golf carts and boats used on The Waters property must be registered with The Waters Assembly. Please contact the HOA (334) 277-5551 for more information.

​​Montgomery County Clean Up Day: The last Saturday of every month from 10 am-2 pm is Montgomery County Clean Up Day. The Pike Road drop off locations are the Pike Road High School (previously the Georgia Washington Junior High) and the County Lot Office on Meriwether Road across from The Feed Lot. For a complete list of rules and accepted items call (334) 832-1210. Thank you for all you do to keep our hometown beautiful! 

HOA Payment: The Waters Assembly lockbox is located at Renasant Bank.  Please note that if you use a lockbox for your payment, it will need to go to this address:

The Waters Assembly, Inc.
P.O. Box 1844
Dept. T-57
Memphis, TN 38101-1844
You can also pay us directly at The Water’s Office located at 2239 Marler Road or request an invoice to pay by debit/credit card.