Important Announcements

​The Waters Lakes:  It is important that you leave only your footprints when visiting The Waters lakes.  Please refrain from discarding your fishing line in the Lake, on a pier or near the Lake’s edge to ensure no wildlife becomes entangled in the line.  Please remind your friends and family of this as well.

Street Repairs: Over the next few weeks we will be making some road repairs.  We will put up signage in the event we need to redirect traffic. 

Visitor parking: Please let your guests know to park on the correct side of the street and to not park on the grass.

Golf Carts and ATVs:Only electric golf carts are allowed on The Waters property. NO gas operated carts are allowed. Four wheelers and other such ATVs are also not allowed on The Waters streets or green spaces. Please report any sightings to The Waters Management Team at (334)272-3200. Times and locations are a big help in helping us identify those who break the rules.

Field of Dreams: The field expansion is almost complete and ready to use. It will be called The Waters "Field of Dreams" where you can enjoy a game of soccer, football or other outdoor sports. 

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