Important Announcements


Golf Carts: Several neighbors have recently gotten stuck in the mud while driving “off road.” Please consider the fact the soil is very soft after an abundance of rain and try to stay on pathways, sidewalks and roadways when these conditions exist. 

HOA Payment: The Waters Assembly is closing the Regions Lockbox. We are moving our account to Renasant Bank.  Please note that if you continue to use a Lockbox for your payment it will need to go to this new address:

The Waters Assembly, Inc.
P.O. Box 1844
Dept. T-57
Memphis, TN 38101-1844
You can also pay us directly at the Water’s Office located at 2239 Marler Road. Thank you for your quick attention to this matter as the Regions account will be closed effective February 28, 2018.

​We Moved: The Sales & Information Center has officially moved to the Historic House located at 2239 Marler Road (first drive to the left on Avenue of the Waters).  Work is still underway with the front entry of the new office so please enter from the rear of the office if you visit within the next week or so.  The drop box will be relocated to the front entry area when work is complete.  In the meantime, you can drop off your HOA payments with a team member during office hours.

2018 HOA Dues:  All residents will be receiving new coupon books, via U.S. Mail, for the 2018 Assembly Assessments/Dues. Please read the letter that is inside of the coupon book to learn about new payment options. 

Stray Animals: Please call the Montgomery Humane Society at 334-409-0622 ext. 213 to report stray animals. 

Cormorant Season is Here: Cormorant season has begun.  The season typically runs from October through March.  We are no longer allowed to dispose of the birds (federal guidelines) so we now have to use pyrotechnic guns that are designed to scare them away. The reason these birds are such a problem is because each bird can eat as much as one or two pounds of feeder fish a day and there can be as many as two thousand birds on the lake at one time. Please do not be alarmed if you hear the boom of the pyrotechnic guns. 

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